halcyon is a retrofittable wireless control and monitoring platform (halcyonPRO2) and a cloud based, scalable, building management system (halcyon cloudBMS) that together brings new possibilities to business owners and managers.

It provides real time envronmental, behavioural and energy analytics and automated actions to reduce operational costs, improve saftey, improve efficiency, and improve workplace quality.

multi site building management iin the cloud halcyon BMS
  • manage fom one to a portfolio of sites, even the very smallest.

  • simply and affordably retroffit into your exsiting buildings

  • requires no costly management hardware and cables, fully in the cloud at just a low monthly cost

  • reduces energy costs by 50%, reduces site visits by 90%

  • deliveres healthier, safer & more productive work environments

Four Pillars of Building Intelligence


Time is money. Information is power.

Knowing more in real time about your buildings, and the people and equipment within them, enables intelligent business decisions to be made, saving energy, reducing site visits, eliminate waste and make your business safer and more productive.

Automating these decisions enables thousands of cost saving actions to be completed providing the maximum benefit to your bottom line.

There are four pillars of intelligence that halcyon monitors, analyses, controls and reports on:

  • Environment Intelligence
  • Asset Intelligence
  • Maintenance Intelligence
  • Energy Intelligence

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Intelligent Buildings

  • Save Energy
  • Reduce Site Visits
  • Reduce Overheads
  • Eliminate Waste
  • Improve Safety
  • Improve Productivity

Modular and Scalable

halycyon can provide a low cost solution to a single problem, on a single site, providing the foundation to scale to connect more rooms, more sites, more equipment and provide more reports, alerts, actions and integration to other software at any time in the future.

  • Wireless Lighting Control (see halcyon-lighting.com for more information)
  • Wireless Circadian / human centric lighting control (see chromawhiteled.com for more information)
  • Weather & occupancy adaptive wireless shading / blind control (see http://idealite.co.uk/ for more information from our shading manufacturing partner)
  • Wireless HVAC control including wet heating
  • Remote and automated self test and compliance reporting for emergency lighting, including retrofitting to existing Mackwell and Liteplan products
  • Legionella Testing and automated compliance reporting
  • Tennant noise monitoring and automated escalation policies
  • Refridgeration and freezer temperature montoring & compliance reports
  • Remote access management for existing magnetic locks
  • Hot water system advanced management for DUOS avoidance
  • Ciritical asset monitoring & failure prevention in restaurants (extraction, cold store, hot water)
  • Building use / realtime occupancy data & analytics for automated servicing and cleaning & servicing optimisation, cost reduction and strategic use planning

Who will benefit?

Businesses who have, or intend to have multiple or remote sites to manage, typically where those individual sites are not large enough to warrant a wired BMS or EMS such as KNX.  Reducing operational costs including energy, redcuing waste and eliminating site visits generally delivers payback in less than one year as the system is installed quickly and without structural modifications using our secure wireless technology and our halcyonPRO2 wireless platform. The halcyon system has particular cost and technology advantages when installed into existing buildings.

  • Retail
  • Restaurant and fast food outlets
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Nursing Homes and residential care
  • Offices
  • Student and staff accomodation
  • Hospital wards and clinics
  • Distribution centres
  • Warehouses