Our products

halcyon is a suite of products that provide the local hardware and control software required to manage and monitor buildings, along with cloud based services to provide insights, aggregated reporting, integration into other software services and cognitive control.



halcyonPRO2 is our wireless building control platform that sits within each of your sites. The hardware permits secure connectivity to wireless devices using multiple radios, and provides resilient control and monitoring at the local level for:




wet heating



halcyonPRO2 can be also used as a local system for retrofittable control without halcyoncloudBMS

Devices for halcyonPRO2

halcyonPRO2 building control server

  • Omnia environmental & occupancy sensor
  • halcyon relays and actuators
  • halcyon gesture control interfaces
  • halcyon wireless LED drivers
  • halcyon LED lamps and luminaires (see www.halcyon-lighting.com)
  • halcyon heating controls
  • halcyon temperature sensors
  • halcyon load monitors
  • halcyon gas  monitors
  • halcyon water flow meters
  • idealite intelligent shading control
  • halcyon footfall sensors



halcyon cloudBMS is  a fully customisable platform for multi site management of buildings where the halcyonPRO2 hardware is installed.

Dashboards provide realtime and historical analysis of sites and assets.

Customisable rules provide

  • advanced reactive and predictive control at each site
  • automated escalation of maintenance requirements
  • compliance reporting
  • automated actions based on environment information and sensor data

Services on cloudBMS

cloudBMS multi site building mangement platform as a service

  • halcyon customer servce platform
  • cloudBMS custom dashboards
  • cloudBMS customisable rules & actions

halcyonAI cognitive building management
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